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Energy - Index

This first flash animation offers an introduction to the three energy groups (Fossil, Nuclear and Renewable Energies) and various sources of energy belonging to these groups..

This flash animation provides an introduction to the concepts of Resources and Reserves. In particular, it describes Fossil and Nuclear energy reserves.

This flash animation lists Current and Future energy sources, many of which have been used throughout history.

This flash animation addresses the issues revolving around biofuels in a critical way. Although biofuels represent an alternative to petroleum, are they a ‘Green’ alternative?

This flash animation explains how Electricity can be made from one of our Primary Energy Sources and describes the main features of this form of energy..

The goal of this animation is to compare energy consumption 70 years ago and now through the experiences of two boys, Henri and Lucas.

This flash animation aims to make people aware of the need to reduce energy consumption given the price, the limit of the resources we depend on, and the pollution caused.

This flash animation introduces the passive housing concept. It compares the energy consumption of a classical house to that of a passive house.