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Biodiversity - Index

This animation focuses on the concept of "biodiversity" and its importance for human beings and the various pressures that people place on the natural environment.

This animation deals with the topics of biodiversity and climate change. It lays out the main effects of climate change that have been caused by our way of life.

This animation shows that over the course of the Earth's climate's history, species have often had to move in order to benefit from the types of living conditions that suited them.

The aim of this flash animation is to illustrate the vital role assumed by biodiversity in maintaining an ecological balance, both for the planet and for human beings.

This flash animation explains the interaction between climate warming and the invasion of new invasive species which can present a danger to local ecosystems.

Biodiversity is essential for feeding human beings and animals. Climate change impacts on certain geographical areas, it affects the people, animals and plants living there.

A number of things determine the rhythm of life of a species, such as the seasons, the temperature, the duration of daylight, the rhythm of other species, etc.

The collaboration between polyps (animals) and algae (plant) is one of true "symbiosis", each organism being able to draw benefits and sustenance from the other.

Because they are the principle areas on Earth to be affected by climate change, Polar Regions, especially the North Pole, are particularly important to study.

Although the effects of climate change vary from one place to another, they are appearing everywhere. A number of different phenomena are already being observed in Belgium.

This animation focuses on one of the key parts of the Fagnes: peat bogs. It shows how they are undergoing the combined effects of climate change and human intervention.

Having already been weakened by overfishing, the North Sea's biodiversity now has to face up to yet another peril: climate warming.

Climate change has become such a threat for many species that human intervention has become necessary to prevent them from becoming extinct.

The current climate crisis is threatening biodiversity, but it is also confronting us with an opportunity to take a fresh look at our current way of living.

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